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Lepton maintains expertise in all aspects of software development, but specializes in the early and  middle portion of the software development lifecycle.  We devote particular attention to requirements analysis, system architecture, project planning and system implementation.  In addition, Lepton maintains a particular strength in technically challenging fields including optimization, reverse engineering and hardware/software interfaces.

Lepton's Advantage

Thorough requirements analysis clarifies underlying business needs. Technical specifications are derived from these requirements and maintain business goals. 
Architecture, data and object modeling minimize system redundancy improving debugging time, code reuse and enhancing system maintainability.
Sophisticated development staff capable of taking on the most demanding technical and business challenges.
Strong communication skills and a respect for your business environment.


Requirements Analysis & Design Planning, Design and Verification
Rapid Application Development Coding
Optimization Troubleshooting
Reverse Engineering

Lepton's experience spans a range of skills from hardware design, through firmware and driver development to system programming, tool kits and applications.  In each of our service areas Lepton can leverage tools and experience that vary from the very high level to very low level.  Weather you are targeting visual basic, assembly language, C++, Java, DCOM, Sockets, HTML, ASP, ActiveX or .NET Lepton maintains a range of expertise that can get the job done.

Requirements Analysis & Design
A  key to success in any technology project is to fully understand the motivation for the work, then insure that the project satisfies that motivation.  Lepton will help you clarify the business incentives for undertaking your project, then turn these incentives into concrete goals.  These goals drive the technical specification of the system.  This process often includes getting feedback from prospective users and organizing this feedback into necessary features and system performance requirements.
Planning, Design and Verification
Once requirements are specified, Lepton can help you turn those requirements into architecture, specifications, resource requirements and a project implementation plan.  The result of this plan includes verification and testing criteria that make milestones meaningful. Wherever possible, quantitative techniques such as COCOMO II requirements analysis tools are used to generate project estimates. 
Rapid Application Development
When technology products are developed in fields that defy effective requirements analysis, it is most efficient to develop in an exploratory fashion.  When such systems amenable to short design-implement-review cycles, Lepton can provide RAD project development allowing rapid prototyping and user feedback cycles. In a RAD cycles product prototypes evolve until an effective specification can be made.
At the core of the software development process lies the develop-debug-test cycle. Lepton can provide seasoned coding development expertise in languages ranging from various assembly languages through C++ & Java to high level languages such as Visual Basic.
Most modern code runs effectively because exponential improvements in hardware speed compensate for native code inefficiencies. However, when your business goals require that every cycle count you need an optimization expert. In such fields as Computer Graphics, mobile computing, scientific programming, encryption and multithreaded business systems, optimization can make the difference between a profitable system and a useless one.  At Lepton, we have experience analyzing systems, ironing out algorithmic inefficiencies and when necessary coding critical sections in assembly language for cycle-by-cycle efficiency.
Sometimes a developing or mature system fails unexpectedly. Failure can occur completely or in part, deterministically or stochastically, recoverably or catastrophically.  At Lepton we have experience instrumenting systems to track down and eliminate the sources of problems. Starting with a review of operational systems documentations we can proceed through software monitors all the way to in-circuit emulators and hardware logic analyzers to determine the source and context of the problems. When the problem seem intractable, Lepton can help.
Reverse Engineering
When legacy systems become obscure or competitive factors favor clean room or full reverse engineering, Lepton has the skills to help. As appropriate, Lepton can perform functional re-specification,  protocol decomposition,  file format analysis and binary & byte code decompilation. In the most extreme cases we can generate binary execution traces, analysis, and patches.

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