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Technical Areas

Web & Internet Technologies
Wireless Networking
Scientific Computing
Software & System Optimization
2D & 3D Graphics
Device Drivers & Hardware Interfaces
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Distributed Systems


Lepton provides a range of services in technology development and consulting.  Our software development  practice focuses on the definition and creation of business, scientific and commercial software, with special emphasis on difficult projects.  Our technology consulting services focus around intellectual property assessment, data recovery and forensic expert analysis.

Software Development Forensic Expert Services 
Data Preservation & Recovery Technology Assessment
Statistical Modeling
Software Development
Lepton maintains expertise in all aspects of software development, but specializes in the early and  middle portion of the software development lifecycle.  We devote particular attention to requirements analysis, system architecture, project planning and system implementation.  In addition, Lepton maintains a particular strength in technically challenging fields including optimization, reverse engineering and hardware/software interfaces.
Forensic Expert Services 
Lepton provides expert services for measurement, analysis and reporting in our technical areas.  Our experience includes numerous instances of trial and pretrial support as well as the rendering of written opinions  as to US patent validity and product infringement.  In this area, our clients have been particularly appreciative of our deep preparation and well honed communication skills.
Data Preservation & Recovery
Lepton offers data duplication and investigation services.  We have the ability to create disk images for offsite forensic investigation, search for lost and deleted data and provide password recovery services for common encryption techniques. 
Technology Assessment
Lepton's technology assessment services can provide the  key to making the most of your  intellectual property.  We have experience analyzing patents and determining applicability to existing and projected products in our technical domain.  Clients benefiting from our analysis have generated tens of millions of dollars in new licensing revenue from patents assessed and tested by Lepton.
Statistical Modeling
Lepton provides expertise in the modeling of data including bioinformatics, time series prediction  and financial data analysis.  While our services include traditional linear modeling we also can provide more sophisticated analysis based on cutting edge techniques such as Neural Networks, Chaotic Attractor Reconstruction, Hidden Markov Models and Stochastic Grammars.  We thrive on messy and difficult problems with insufficient information and non-linear relationships. 

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