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Forensic Expert Services

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Technical Areas

Web & Internet Technologies
Wireless Networking
Scientific Computing
Software & System Optimization
2D & 3D Graphics
Device Drivers & Hardware Interfaces
Firmware & BIOS
Distributed Systems


Lepton provides forensic expert services for measurement, analysis and reporting in our technical areas.  Our experience includes numerous instances of trial and pretrial support as well as the rendering of written opinions as to US patent validity and product infringement.  In this area, our clients have been particularly appreciative of our deep preparation and well developed communication skills.

Lepton's Advantage

Professional as well as academic credentials.
Strong communication and presentation skills.
Deposition experience.
Respectful of the legal context.


Investigatory Test and Measurement
We have experience performing both hardware and software tests to generate evidence of product patent infringement or non-infringement.  In addition, our tests on hardware available before the filing of a patent have produced evidence of patent invalidity.
Expert Analysis and Opinion
Lepton offers assessment services which leverages expertise in our Technical Areas to asses relevant documents, equipment and technical knowledge. This synthesis of skill in the art with objective indicia can lead to the generation of expert opinion as to patent validity and infringement.
Expert Reporting and Testimony
In addition to the generation of compelling and defensible results, Lepton has experience presenting expert opinion in court-filed reports and in-person deposition.

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