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Lepton offers data duplication and investigation services.  We have the ability to create disk images for offsite forensic investigation, search for lost and deleted data and provide password recovery services for common encryption techniques. 

Lepton's Advantage

Seasoned data processing staff with forensic experience.
Services available at client site or at Lepton's facilities.  
Advanced tools to retrieve and interpret evidence of activity.


Data Duplication and Preservation
Lepton has the capacity to make byte level copies of disk media at Lepton's facilities or at a client's site.  This allows the the original media to be returned to the owner for use while a complete duplicate is retained for further examination.
Recovery of Deleted, Fragmentary, and Indirect Information
The way data is presented to a computer's does not completely reflect the way data is stored on media.  Data which appears to have been deleted may persist on the drive. Data which has never been intentionally saved may still be stored in temporary files.  Finally, while data may have been erased, indirect evidence of the data's presence may still exist on the media.  Lepton has tools to search for and recover all of these forms of data. 
Password Recovery and File Decryption
Carefully encrypted files may be extremely difficult to decrypt without the appropriate keys. However, many common applications that use passwords to protect data use less sophisticated encryption techniques which can be reversed without the keys.  Lepton has experience with the process of password recovery and the decryption of such files. 
Retrieval of Activity  Evidence
Many systems maintain evidence of past activity after that activity occurs. While often this evidence takes the form of administrative log files, more subtle evidence may occur in other areas such as file modification times.  Lepton staff have experience finding and interpreting this evidence.

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