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Distributed Systems


Lepton's technology assessment services can provide the  key to making the most of your  intellectual property.  We have experience analyzing patents and determining applicability to existing and projected products in our technical domain.  Clients benefiting from our analysis have generated tens of millions of dollars in new licensing revenue from patents assessed and tested by Lepton.

Lepton's Advantage

Our team combines professional engineering, marketing and business development experience to market segments where your intellectual property is most valuable now.
We can uncover trends that indicate where your intellectual property is likely to be most valuable in the future. 
Our engineering expertise can be employed to generate concrete evidence of intellectual property misappropriation.
We have prior experience in patent and trade secret litigation support.


Identify Currently Licensing Candidates
After reviewing your patent portfolio, Lepton can survey the market for products that are likely to utilize your intellectual property.  Once candidates are identified, tests can often be developed to look for more concrete evidence.  Lepton's reports have aided in the licensing of tens of millions of dollars worth of property licensing.
Evaluate Future Licensing Candidates
If you hold intellectual property, how can you find customers for it? Lepton can help. Based in current technical developments, announced product plans, and standard engineering practices, Lepton can evaluate the likely future intellectual property needs of other companies.  These companies can provide a rich market for your intellectual property marketing efforts. 
Develop Objective Tests For Infringement
You think that your intellectual property is being used by an unauthorized party, but how can you be sure? Lepton's engineering experience allows us develop objective hardware and software tests for patent infringement. Searching through a morass of technical documentation may be tedious and confusing. We know what to look for, and how to find it.
Review Licensing Presentations
You have been enmeshed in the development and protection of your intellectual property. Now you are going to make your presentation to your prospective clients.  You need to make sure that your points are salient, concise and technically correct.  Lepton can help you evaluate your material and identify the aspects that are likely to be most important to your prospective client.

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